PC Security Too Much Trouble For Some Folks

in General Discussion edited January 2014
From the Boston Globe website: --> story link

Mostly stuff we've been hearing the last month or so, but I was interested that ALLl the article mentions is how confusing and a pain in the ass it is for PC users to keep their systems patched. And no mention of the alternatives (i.e. OS X). I've ghosted some discussions on BBR and /. and notice that the debate seems split into the "People Are Stupid And Should Have Patched Months Ago" and "Microsoft's Patches Are Scary and Often Break Stuff, Use Linux" camps.

Pscates started a thread here recently hammering Apple for not getting to the point with its commercial, too much style and not enough substance. I would tend to agree. Microsoft has handed Apple a HUGE opportunity to grab people with its better security and easier updating, but nary a peep.

Now I'm veklempt. Talk amongst yourselves, I've given you a topic.

P.S. My link keeps getting messed up :/ If it doesn't work just go to the main boston.com page and scroll down
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