PCI ATA RAID card advice needed

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someones going to get pissed at me for cross posting but I'm just not getting any feedback after these new G5's are shipping... call me attention starved if you wish but I could really use some advice on this.

Currently I am looking at www.newegg.com and finding only one product from Acard in taiwan that blatantly says it supports Macosx.

I seek a PIC ATA/IDE card adapter (may as well be RAID I figured too) to throw in my dp500mhz g4...

please lend me your fingers/keystrokes...



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    I've got a Sonnet Tempo attached to a couple drives, although they're not RAIDed(?). If you want a real IDE RAID then you might want to go with this one instead.

    Works fine in 10.2.6 for me.

    (edit: couldn't find them at NewEgg, but did at PriceGrabber.)

    Tempo & Tempo RAID
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