Many Bothans died to bring you this information: PowerPC G5 on the way... (?)

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Hello everyone,

I've found something that might be veeeery interesting - at least I hope so.

If you look for "7460" on the Motorola website you will find some pages, including the following one, a "release notes" PDF document. I don't know what "HLR41" means, but the next sub-directory is "G4", so I guess this is about Apollo 7460. Note that the date says "March 2001":

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; HLR41-1331.pdf

Unfortunately it's password protected.

I then looked for "8500", hoping to find something about the G5. I found two documents in the same directory:

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; HLR41-40F200.pdf

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; HLR41-10F210.pdf

Note that both PDF files are located in the "G15" directory (maybe the G5 dir was 7500, while the 8500 became the G15 dir, don't know). Once again, the documents dates: February and March 2001.

For me it looks like there are indeed documents on a processor called "8500" on the Motorola website, and it seems to be the "G5". I think this -could- at least be evidence that the G5 does exist. And the release note documents have been created at about the same time than the "Apollo" release notes. Maybe this -could- mean that Apollo and the G5 should ship at the same time - but that's just interpretation.

Man I would like to know that password and read these docs !!!! (no, I do not want you to hack it)

What do you think about it ???


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    It's time for some of you to demonstrate those mad hacking skills and crack those passwords. Come on I know that a least a couple of you could do it!
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    Notice "CDMA" in the path? That's cell phone technology. It might be meaningless, but it's something to think about.
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    There are other files about the "G15" on the Motorola website, and they seem all to be very "confidential", like this one:

    G15_Introduction - Motorola Confidential Proprietary G15 Feature Overview Motorola Confidential Proprietary G15 Introduction This presentation will introduce Motorola?s G15 features. It will ...

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    Once again: do not hack (or try to hack) Motorola !!! Afterwards they will say it was my idea and I definately don't want to go to jail...
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    Try connecting to just You are redirected to their services site. I don't see any mention of PowerPCs.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,080member
    Well, the G5 does exist. We just don't know in what form. I don't really think this means anything. Anything that confidential wouldn't be posted, IMO.

    Though, it COULD mean something I suppose.
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    Here's another document that would be interesting to read:

    B. El-Kareh, R. Woodruff, and Y. K. Cheng, "Technology roadmap to Goldfish PowerPC microprocessor", IBM/Motorola Internal, July 1997
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    It's no secret the MPC85XX series exists. The MPC8540 is already documented in plain view on the motorola site. I'll tell you it looks nothing like a desktop PC's CPU, but it does have better clocc speeds than any other Motorola product, and it is fully buzzword compliant.
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    bogiebogie Posts: 407member
    You are a fool if you think that Motorola would sue you if random boy hacks their site.
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    If we hack it...we will get busted.In the past I have called Motorola in Texas and ordered manuals

    on the DSP 56001 etc..In bookstores they sell for about $28.00 If you call them, they only charge you shipping and handling costs.They used alot of technology from the Motorola 88000 series for the PowerPC technology.They said it had the proper hooks in it to beyond anything on the market.But they let us down with the G-4 8400 450 Mhz...remember...saying it would only ship with 400 Mhz instead.From what I have heard the G-5 8500 will be a 64-bit chip and will

    not have alti-vec technology.Most mac software

    doesnt take advantage of it anyway.DEC Digital

    Equipment Corp. years ago spent 1 billion in

    R&D and their Alpha chip was 500 Mhz.What happened

    with Motorola?Top management in Motorola holding

    technology back.DEC later sued Intel for stealing

    technology.AKA IA-64 Intels new $4,500.00 chip

    Itanium.At speeds of 800 Mhz.Technology has been

    held back due to the big movers and players in the industry.All their marketing strategies,etc.

    I am disgusted with the computer industry.Motorola

    was even considering having AMD produce their chips.It is all about greed and power.So now the money is in volume sales:

    more volume in selling cellular phones in China

    than selling CPU's in the US.So.... G-5 8500 wait 12 months and save your money.Arent there still

    alot of glitches in O/S X?SiliconGraphics to discontinue their MIPS chip and possibly use

    Motorola 8500.Cisco also to use the 8500 chip for servers.Without Apple what do we have?A real boring industry with WinDos; a cludge on top of a cludge.No excitement.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    May I add that I don't encourage anyone to hack the site, if you should hack it you do it freely and of your own volition. I would love to know what those pages say, but if asked about who did what, I'll spill the beans straight away, hell if I don't know, I'll just blame all of you
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    Go ahead and hack it. You'll find info on CELL PHONES. :eek:
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