What the hell, 4 weeks to ship a G4?

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I ordered a G4, FCP4, and a Cinema Display on September 1st. I got my Cinema Display and FCP in three days. It said that the G4 would ship in 2 weeks, and that was okay with me. But I go and check Apple's website and for some reason they pushed it back to 9/29! Arg!!! Is there a shortage of G4 1.25 ghz now that the imacs have been updated or something?

Thats what I get for waiting so long to place an order I guess....


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    i feel the same way, but i have not waited NEARLY as long as you have. if i were you, i would get on a phone to apple and tell 'em you'll cancel your order if you don't get some compensation for a wait that long.

    i got impatient today and called apple to see what was happening. they told me that there have been delays in processing G4 orders, since production was modified to handle G5 orders and pre-orders. they also said that since my machine was a build-to-order, it needs to be built "from scratch." why do i highly doubt this? seems like lame excuses to me, but by the end of the week, i will call them and cancel my order if i have to. right now, i am losing money and potential clients. if i can drive to the local university and have a pre-fab G5 in my trunk tomorrow, the extra cost will make up for this wait (though it annoys me that apple still gets their money, just because they were so slow).

    one wonders what exactly they ARE shipping these days.
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    Problem is, most places around here only stock single processor 1.25ghz G4s... and I'm getting an education discount too. So I can't really cancel my order. I guess I'm going to just have to stick with it. This is my first apple computer and I'm getting kind of tired looking over at my desk and seeing a lonely cinema display.

    Also, does Apple have a history of giving 'compensation' ? I know they have good customer support and all, but I sorta doubt they will give me anything since I'm sure they are getting constant threats from people who ordered dual G5s.
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