Remove iSight mount?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I wish to remove my iSight mount from it's current position but the adhesive is really strong. I can't seem to get it off. I'm pulling really hard on it.

I've already been to Apple's own documentation on its removal but they don't tell you how to remove it! They only tell you what to do after you remove it!

Any ideas?


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    paint scraper. You could also try some paint thinner. Maybe a combination of the two.
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    g-dogg-dog Posts: 171member
    I didn't even think of a paint scraper.

    Instead of a paint scraper, I found that a phillips head screwdriver and a good hammer do the job nicely.

    Damn those mounts have some tough glue on them. IT ripped the vinal right off my desk!
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    I don't know what kind of glue they use, but....

    Vinegar .... will soften many kinds of glue, and won't etch the plastic.

    It may or may not work, but could be worth a try ... of course you'll need new double-side tape to re-mount it.
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