Bill O'Leily at it again.

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If he keeps it up... more and more people will start ignoring him.

It's funny... when you're that big of an A-hole... people will look at you more closely... probably something he doesn't need at the moment. He's paranoid enough as it is.

Fear Factor: Harvard Man

Fox commentator Bill OÕReilly says he didnÕt read media critic Jack ShaferÕs Slate article chronicling his profligate use of the phrase shut up. ÒOÕReilly uses it as a place-holder for an idea still formulating in his brain,Ó Shafer wrote. ÒAs a way to begin a sentence, end it, or punctuate it.Ó We asked OÕReilly if he had seen the article, secretly hoping heÕd tell us to shut up. ÒI donÕt read Slate!Ó he snapped. ÒWhy would I read that?Ó Some people, we pointed out, consider it a legitimate news venue. ÒI read ten newspapers a day!Ó he barked. OÕReilly also informed us that HarvardÕs Kennedy School is Òconsidering taking actionÓ against Al Franken for using Shorenstein Center stationery to send a satirical letter to John Ashcroft soliciting a story about abstinence. This was news to Shorenstein Center director Alex Jones. ÒWhat does he mean by Ôtaking actionÕ?Ó snorted Jones. ÒIt was a very foolish mistake, but Franken apologized, and that should be the end of it.Ó


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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member
    What's funny about the whole stationary bit is that Franken published all of it in his book, including all of the information published on the smoking gun, such as him getting in trouble for it. Certain folks on here linked to the smoking gun with a "Ha! Gotcha!" never realizing that Franken is completely open about it and even giggles about it (and rightly so--it's certainly giggle-worthy).

    Anyway, O'Reilly is an idiot. I hope more folks go on his show to point out his lies. Then we could just have show after show of him going "Shut Up! WAAAA!" until his ratings drop and he can go back to tabloid TV.

    Something tells me that Celebrities Uncensored wouldn't take him, though. Maybe the Quik-E-Mart is hiring.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I don't watch the show that much so I don't know how often he says "shut up".
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    Damn have you seen Bill's ass lately? It's bootylicious!

    "Why would anybody listen to him?" Mr. O'Reilly said, angrily. "He says he's a satirist. If Franken's a satirist then I'm JENNIFER LOPEZ."

    Was the lawsuit your idea or the lawyers' idea?

    "That's another fallacy in the media. I don't have anything to do with them. If I were them I would sue him for defamation."

    Had Mr. O'Reilly considered suing Mr. Franken for defamation?

    "I've thought about it," Mr. O'Reilly said, "I've thought about it. But I would lose. Famous people have no protection in this country."
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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    "Famous people have no protection in this country."

    I swear to god I couldn't breath for a full minute after I read that. Not from gut-laughing but from shear disbelief.

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    Originally posted by chu_bakka

    Topic: Bill O'Leily at it again.

    So, you're a native Japanese speaker?

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    hehe... that's pretty funny... I need to proof myself more closely.

    it's supposed to be O'LIELY.
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    Originally posted by sCreeD

    "Famous people have no protection in this country."

    I swear to god I couldn't breath for a full minute after I read that. Not from gut-laughing but from shear disbelief.


    I'm sure
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    A reporter in california gave to Arnold's campaign... anyone wanna guess what network he works for???
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member

    Tucker Carlson in the Salon Interview, "You burn out fast when you demagogue."

    He respects O'Reilly's broadcasting and communication talents, BUT:


    "We learned that Bill O'Reilly is a thin-skinned blowhard"

    "That guy has no sense of humor about himself. At all."

    "Of course I wouldn't want to emulate O'Reilly. I think he's a humorless phony."

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