What if... Post-970 Marklar?

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What if... Apple is waiting for the 970 (or 980) to release before they release Marklar?

IOW, let's say the 970 (or 980) puts Apple firmly ahead of the Intel machines in CPU (and system) performance. Now, (big assumption) let's say that Apple *knew* that 970/980 would always be head and shoulders above x86/Itanium solutions.

Would Apple then feel free to release Marklar?

I mean, Apple's machines would be better than the Intel ones, right? The only reason to use the Intel would be for backward hardware compatibility. So, Apple could release Marklar without cutting into new machine sales. Just the opposite, by releasing Marklar, Apple would enable old (or current) Intel machines to run OS X building a potentially big base of OS X users. Presumably, many of these conversions would lead to h/w upgrade switchers and an increasing share of the hardware market.

Plus, the Marklar installations would provide a much larger base for software sales.

Does any of this make sense? Is CPU speed the key to Marklar's release? Could the 970/980 open the door to a Marklar release?


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    jesus christ

    since when is os x on x86 HARDWARE?

    i swear, every time someone posts an x on x86 topic, a baby is disemboweled with a chainsaw
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