update to emac/ibook lines?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
apart from leaving the TiBook untouched, apple has updated everything except the emac and ibook lines.

obviously something is gonna happen to these 3 products soon.

My predictions:

1. 15.4" AlBook with:

1 ghz G4, Combo/Superdrive(choice), up to

1.5 GB Ram, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth,FW

800, graphics card will be the same as

the 17"AlBook, everything else the same

as the TiBook

2. eMac with:

800 mhz/1 ghz G4(choice),Combo/4x

Superdrive(choice), Airport Extreme,

Bluetooth, otherwise unchanged

3. 12" iBook at 800mhz G3 with Airport Extreme and


4. 13" WIDESCREEN iBook with 800mhz G3,

Airport Extreme, and Bluetooth

wouldn't it be nice


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