How fast is Panther on my iBook 500Mhz?

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I have a dual-USB iBook with 500Mhz G3, 256MB of RAM, and RageM3 graphics card with 8MB of video RAM (which doesn't support Quartz Extreme, right?). My question is, how fast will Panther run on my iBook, for those of you lucky enough to have tried it. Will I notice an overall performance boost? In what area specifically? Will Expose run sluggishly?

Another thing I want to know is the size of the Panther standard installation on my HD... will it take up more space than Jaguar, by how much? I'm quite concerned about my puny little 15GB HD.


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    The developer preview is not an accurate portrayal of how the final product will work. It's not very well optimized as the developers get to that last... before that they have to just make sure it works. If you install the developer version, it'll be horribly slow, but I bet the final release will be slightly faster or at least the same speed. Unlike the Classic Mac OS, which got progressively slower with updates (have you ever seen system 7.1 on a 68040? WHEEEEE!!!!!), OS X tends to get faster with each update.

    I'm not quite sure if it'll take up any more room than Jaguar. Probably a bit more.
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    Geez... I was hoping Panther is going to make my buddy iBook kick ass again. So I guess you're saying only moderate or no performance improvement can be expected?
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    You really will just need to wait and see.
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    ringoringo Posts: 329member
    I have a "friend" who has Panther 7B53 and a 500mhz iBook with 384MB of RAM and and 10 GB hard drive. "My friend" said that it runs quite a bit faster than Jaguar. Specifically dragging windows around showed a huge improvement, as well as with window resizing.

    I think everyone should see a pretty good leap in performance (like they did in Jag) especially those of us who don't have QE compatable video systems. Oh, and I'm using it as my main OS right now, and even at the current stage it's pretty stable. Uh, I mean my friend is... Oh crap! *runs from Apple's NDA cops*
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    thanx for the info Ringo... can you check with your "friend" if expose runs ok too? thank your friend for me would you? 8)
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    ringoringo Posts: 329member
    He says it works really well, but stutters just a bit.
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    I can second Ringo. A G3 500 without QE will get a substansial performance boost, and Exposé will run perfectly acceptably. I've tested that myself.
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    Originally posted by Zapchud

    I can second Ringo. A G3 500 without QE will get a substansial performance boost, and Exposé will run perfectly acceptably. I've tested that myself.

    Great! My iBook is ecstatic now.
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    That is great news on the Exposé front! I run a 500MHz TiBook that can't handle QE. I was under the assumption that Exposé only worked on QE enabled computers.

    Guess I can squeeze one more OS update into my PBG4.
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    The speed of QE will obviously be effected by the amount of video RAM in your iBook, but let me say unequivocally that Panther is FAST. Each build I have run has just gotten faster. Even without all of the added features I would be willing to purchase Panther on speed alone. I have a 700MHz iBook and almost from the first build I installed it was much faster. At first it almost seemed like I got a new processor. And I'm sure that if I were to go back to using Jaguar now I'd notice a huge performance loss. The speed of start-up (from the bong until the log-in screen) continues to surprise me. If there is more speed to come when Panther is further optimized as it gets to FC, I'll be very impressed.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I wonder if will finally be faster then OS 9 on rather recent hardware.
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    So on my ibook 900 I can run Panther, and it will be faster??? SWEET!!! I was afraid it would only work ok on the G5s and G4s.
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