AppleWorks woes...

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Last night, after having spent over six hours writing a paper for a political theory course (well, it shouldn't have been six, but when you're with a friend, not much actual work gets done) on my PowerBook in AppleWorks, something very strange happened.

Before I left my friend's room to come back to mine and print it out, I did a final save (and I had been saving throughout the night). I closed the window and a dialog prompted me again asking if I wanted to save -- of course I did, so I hit return to save. It struck me as weird that this happened, so I opened up the file to be sure nothing was wrong. To my horror, all that faced me was the first paragraph which I had saved that night at around 4:15. It was now almost 10:30. So of course I thought that perhaps I had accidentally re-saved it under a different file name: no such luck. I even ran a -grep search in the terminal for a phrase that I had just typed -- nothing.

So my question is, does AppleWorks' little auto-save feature enjoy manipulating its users' work? Because at this point, that's all I can think what might have happened. I re-wrote the paper (an event I can hardly remember seeing as it happened between 12 and 2:00 am), but to say the least, I don't know if I can or should securely use AppleWorks again, which is a shame because I've done so much with it already. Oh well. I hope Apple's office suite is better executed than the "works" line has been.


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    Cue Ellen F
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    I had a similar problem once, though that was with AppleWorks 5 on my old powerbook 180 (and system 7 or 8 or something). I managed to resurrect the file with Norton Unerase (part of systemworks).
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    This is why I use TextEdit.
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