FS: iBook 800/Combo/12"

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Okay, I've posted this at a number of places but to generate a few more responses (maybe) I'll post it here too.

It was purchased in mid-December of 2002 (meaning you can still buy an AppleCare extended warranty until mid-December of this year). Here are the stats:

- 800 MHz G3

- 12" LCD, no dead or stuck pixels

- Radeon Mobility 7500 graphics with 32 MB of DDR VRAM

- Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive (16x CD-R burn, 10x CD-RW burn, 24x CD read, 8x DVD read)

- 640 MB RAM

- 30 GB internal hard drive

- Airport card

- VGA adapter for an external monitor

- AC power adapter

- Battery gets about 2 hours of life without turning on any conservation modes. That's full processor speed, airport on, full screen brightness. With conservation options applied, it lasts closer to 3 hours.

- Original box and packaging

- All original CDs (OS X 10.2.1 installation 1 & 2, Software Restore 1, 2 & 3, World Book, Hardware Test)

- Various accessories include a RadTech microfiber sleeve, a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.0A, and a white Podium CoolPad.

This computer has been well taken care of. It's not in perfect condition but it is in good shape. It does have a bunch of tiny scratches on the outside of the case, but it was like that within a week of my getting it and they're only visible from some angles. There is a scratch on the right palm rest near the keyboard, and it's somewhat noticeable when light shines on it but it's far enough from where you put your hand that you won't feel it constantly. Also, because of heavy use of the keyboard, the palm rests are a bit shined up, as are the left Command and Shift keys and the space bar. The hard drive was replaced a few months after purchase because I heard a clicking sound. It turned out to be a false alarm but I still got a new hard drive out of it. I can't tell the difference really, but I think the new one is by IBM/Hitachi rather than Toshiba (I believe the old hard drive was Toshiba). Finally, this is the latest and greatest iBook model to sport the more attractive (to some) "translucent" color scheme. The plastic shell around the LCD housing on this model is translucent, unlike the completely opaque look of the newer iBooks. It's really a minor thing but I thought I'd mention it.

Payment can be made either by check or money order, cashier's check, or c2it. I will also do escrow but I've never done that before so I'm not quite sure how it is done.

Also, I'm open to trades. I'm looking for a PowerMac G4, either an 800 MHz or faster single processor or a 533 MHz or faster dual processor. Other stats aren't particularly important as long as the price is adjusted appropriately, as I can just buy replacements for any components I want to upgrade. I'll trade the iBook for a desktop like this, or I'll buy one outright. Local deals are preferred (I'm in Minneapolis, MN, on the U of M campus), but I know that usually doesn't work out so I'm fine with shipping as well. Also, I will consider used 17" iMacs for buying or trading, but they'd have to be relatively inexpensive and I think the only one I'd truly be able to afford would be the 800 MHz one.

My asking price is $1100 + $30 shipping and insurance.
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