Entourage X help, need to find emails

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I had a subfolder, that I wanted to not have it as a subfolder but deleted the whole thing. How do I recover the emails? It is hugely important as I may need to use the emails in a law suit.

Please help.

Thank you.


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    Oops. Do you back up your data?

    The Entourage info can usually be found in your Home folder under Documentions > Microsoft User Data > Office X Identities > "Main Identity".

    However, once you erase it in Entourage, I don't know if it's really there anymore. You can try opening the database file with a text editor like BBedit, to see if it's still there. It's in pseudo-ASCII format.

    So, are you going to start backing up your data?
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    Just saw this reply by dobby in you other thread. That also works.
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