Season 3 of 24 already features G5!

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I'm a big fan of the show 24 and i was watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on Fox I believe on Sunday night. While watching they had this long preview for the 3rd season of 24.

24 has been known for showing macs throughout the show, but what caught my attention was that good ol' Jack Bauer was sitting there and behind him was a Powermac G5. The show starts at the end of october which means they must have had the G5's case a long time ago. Suprised the design didn't get out sooner. Just thought i would let u guys know.



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    and here's a snapshot:

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    Wow, that's a cool-looking show. I don't know why I've never watched it.

    He (Sutherland) seems to have carved out a cool little piece of the pie for himself with this show. That's nice because I've always liked him and thought he deserved success and attention on a bit more of a larger scale than he was getting there for a while. He always does good work.

    Also in that clip in his office he had a 17" PowerBook.

    Wow, the guy is hooked up.

    And the earlier post is true: they didn't just film those scenes last week. MAYBE late June or early July? Even then they would've had to have been given an early "get it before everyone else!" G5 (since they've only started shipping in any sort of volume the past few weeks, right?).

    I'd go so far as to say that footage might've been shot BEFORE WWDC. And if so, it's absolutely amazing that photos of the G5 weren't leaked or somehow let "out of the bag".

    Is Sutherland a big Mac user in real life too? This show - like "Felicity" and Drew Carey's show - seems to be CRAWLING with Macs!
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    I think they just want to pack as much sexy cutting-edge tech into the show as they can: Macs, Cisco VoIP phones, plasma displays, multi-color-glowing Dell servers, spy satellites, etc. I'm surprised Jack doesn't use a P800.
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    Originally posted by pscates

    Wow, that's a cool-looking show. I don't know why I've never watched it.

    The first season (and perhaps the second at this point) are available in DVD. I heartily recommend checking out at least the first season to see if it's to your liking.
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    On a more local note, my youth group edited the G5 commercial to become a trailer for the group. They all use Macs. A 15" PB powers the projecter, a G3 PB runs the database of members, and an iBook is used to run the TV in the lobby. We're a small church, but the pastor is a Mac guy.

    Just an FYI.
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