One week with a Tungsten T2

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Well, I have had the Palm Tungsten T2 for a week now.

Some observations ...

The good:

Clear screen. Easy to read.

Good size. Fits into hand and pocket.

Not too heavy.


Easy to use. I have yet to read the manual (then again, I am male).

The bad:

Does not show up on the desktop - you need "palm desktop".

Fonts can only be large or small, thick or thin (although WordToGo has a few fonts, I don't see why the OS can't).

In expenses, Type can not be edited (for example, I don't buy gas, I buy petrol. I don't give tips, ...).

Turns off too soon (a power saving thing). But once on again, goes back to where you were when it turned off.

Where have my expenses and WordToGo documents been imported to on my iMac? (RTFM?).

I have yet to figure out why I cannot transfer a couple of PDF files to the SD card. I also had problems transferring mp3 files, although I managed to get 2 onto the SD card. Guess I should read the manual (I see a theme forming).

Voice memo didn't work initially. A hard reset fixed that.

I have used Graffiti 2 a few times, and it seems accurate. I do prefer the on-screen keyboard though.

The only software I have downloaded are Agendus and Launcher-X. Both look like excellent apps.

I have not used it heavily, so the battery has yet to run down significantly. Wouldn't be a problem anyway as I put it in the cradle every evening.


A very nice machine. The bad list above are little things, and can be lived with. I can certainly recommend the T2 for those in the market for a PDA.

Rumour ... the T3 may be released in the next few months.

Now a question. Is it worth getting a bluetooth USB module for my G4 iMac? What can I do with BT? Can I sinc with it? Surf the web via the iMac? Send emails? What sort of speeds are we talking here? Should I get the module with the 10m range or 100m range? Ok, that was more than one question, but would appreciate help from those using bluetooth.


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Yes, RTFM.

    BT is useful for syncing without putting it in your cradle, getting email, surfing, etc., like you said. Get the scripts for sharing your internet connection from from here.

    I use BT most often for installing apps/transferring files quickly. Get Drag'n'tooth from (I think that's right). It's drag and drop installation of most palm apps and documents (though I've never had luck moving pdb to the palm). Transferring memos and whatnot is nice. And if you get a BT phone, you can use it for Internet on the road (not specifically addressing your iMac BT question). Go here for a nice active TT user community. A fair number of us are mac users, too.
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    I would like to get a Tungsten W but it requires activation with AT&T only and their service SUCKS in my area. Too bad, too. Looks like the best combination of phone/PDA.
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    I have had my T2 for over a month and I simply love it.
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    xenuxenu Posts: 204member
    Thanks torifile.

    Will look up the links you gave.

    A week and a bit, and still having fun.

    Really must RTFM!!

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