Are we ever going to see Half-Life 2?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
The Half-Life series is probably one of the most prominant series that hasn't been ported over to the Mac. Does anyone have any information about a Mac version of HL2 or Conterstrike?


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    Remember that the Half-Life port was completed and then right before its release, Sierra cut it. It was not compatible with the PC version (online, as it used directplay) and all, so that is what some people speculate they dropped it. Anyways, the new one is heavily based on DX9 coding, so I somewhat doubt they will port it over. (Although I hope very much that I am wrong on this one)
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    The question you should be asking is whether or not Steam will ever come to Mac OS X, as it's Valve's distribution and auto-maintenance services for all their software products. HL2 won't see the light of day on the Mac without it.
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