removing scratches from an iPod

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I was reading the current MacAddict magazine and in it there was a review of a cream that removes even deep scratches from an iPod.

They gave it an "awesome" rating.

Does anyone know the name of it? I believe tech was somewhere in the name.


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    i've heard that "Brasso" polish works wonders. but i've found, surprisingly, that for minor scratches toothpaste does a great job... who knew?

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Possibly RadTech's "IceCreme"?
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    Yeah Luca, RadTech IceCreme, thats it.

    The MacAddict review showed an iPod screen that was very scratched up.

    They used the IceCreme on half the screen and it took out all of the scratches, including the very deep ones.

    They were gushing all about this product.
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    Geez US$19.95, it would want to work well. I used Meguiars Mirror Glaze 10 Clear Plastic Polish on my old iPod before I sold it. Got rid of the finer scratches and gave it a nice shine. Sounds like the IceCreme works better but the Meguiars was only ~US$9.99 and it's a 236mL bottle.
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    I recently purchased and used "iPod Cleaner"-

    It worked great. Don't know how it compares to other products, but it worked perfectly. They also sell a cleaner for the metallic part of the iPod, too, but I did not use that. Good pricing, too.
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