iPod Language support?

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Hi there,

I listen to music in languages other than English. When I put a CD into my Mac and it accesses the track listing in Hebrew, for instance, iTunes displays the charachters flawlessly. But when I sync with my iPod, all the Hebrew song titles just come up as blank lines or question marks on the iPod. Is there a way to get language support for my iPod that equals that of iTunes?



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    When you get a new iPod (or reset it), you're given some choices for languages. I don't know if that'll help you or not.
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    no, the system languages offered don't include hebrew or arabic. but i don't need the iPod's OS to be in either of those languages, i just want the songs to show up.

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    hhmmmff... i was afraid of that.

    well that sucks.

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    The lack of hebrew thing annoys me too, but I just transliterated all the tag data. (That helps for alphabetizing too, FWIW.)
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