The age old RAM question...

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OK, so I have read all the other chats about how much RAM to buy. I am getting a 2GHz DP, comes with 512.

My options are add 512 more or 1GB more. I know there is a huge difference going between 512 and 1 gig. But because of the second rpocessor, would there be the same boost going to 1.5 gigs? I dont use huge Photoshop files, so I dont need anything beyond 1.5.

Any suggestions?


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    Well in Photoshop it is good to have your memory three times as large as your files. So if you work with ~512 meg files get 1.5g of ram... but if you work with 300k files... still get 1.5g of ram. I love ram!
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    Sounds like 1 gig should work for you (total) ... but RAM makes good insurance against future needs !

    Do you plan to do Video projects (I process a lot of DV home-videos) ... these are HUGE files and RAM will allow them to render that much faster (especially with the G5's throughput)...

    One plan is to just buy the G5 with the 512 ram .... wait six months and the price of the RAM chips will drop drastically, then get the extra RAM (even if you get it today, extra RAM is usually cheaper from crucial than from apple)
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    check out this thread and see how much the dual loves ram
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    Thanks for the input. The most demanding thing I do in the computer is gaming and AAC encoding, as I'll be ripping my entire CD collection.

    I am definitely adding more RAM, but I wanted to see if any voices of mederation could convince me that the difference between 1 gig and 1.5 gigs woul'd be worth the extra $90. But as I downgraded to the combo drive, I am pretty sure I'll be tossing a full 1 gig ontop of the 512 it comes with.
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