iMac 160 GB HD option

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I don't know if this is a big deal or not but I just noticed that the new iMacs have a option for a 160 GB HD. It's a shame Apple just didn't make that standard. It's only $100 more. I jus wanted to mention it. Sorry if people know already.


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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    160GB is a lot of space, most people do not use that much (let alone the default 80GB) so I don't see anything wrong with 160GB being an option.
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    I would tend to agree with chych. I own a FP iMac that I actually use primarily for a little video business I have on the side. I while back I bought a LaCie external 160 GB FireWire drive on which to put video files. Will probably need to get another (larger) external drive soon. All this to say that I see the internal drive being primarily for applications, etc. And 80 GB should be plenty for that.

    Now that I've said all that, I guess it would be nice if Apple could stick at least a 120 Gigger in the new iMac as that is what some of the higher-end consumer units on the PC side are going with at Best Buy, etc.
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