Entourage Kernel Panic?

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I have a Dual 1Ghz G4 (mirrored doors) which has been fairly prone to it's share of Kernel Panics. I have run Disk Warrior and it cleans the drive and works fairly stable for a day or three, then the panic may pop up again after a few days. The only thing that I notice after the panics is that there is almost always a message in the console log specifying Microsoft Entourage. I run that program 24/7, and let it check for messages automatically. A lot of times, the crash comes overnight, while the screen saver is running (which could also be a problem, but I just use the standard system options to run it). Here is a message from earlier today in the console:

## Component Manager: attempting to find symbols in a component alias of type (regR/carP/x!bt)

Sep 14 15:39:58 localhost /Applications/Microsoft Office X/Microsoft Entourage: *** Warning: Line option kATSLineIsDisplayOnly has been deprecated. ***

Sep 14 15:39:58 localhost /Applications/Microsoft Office X/Microsoft Entourage: *** Warning: ATSUMeasureText has been deprecated. Use ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds instead. ***

## Component Manager: attempting to find symbols in a component alias of type (regR/carP/x!bt)

2003-09-14 15:40:16.646 loginwindow[343] Could not find image named `bang'.

Does anybody have any experience with this type of message or knowledge of Entourage being a culprit? What the heck is "an image named 'bang'?" (see last line above). Thanks in advance for feedback and tips.


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    Just thought I'd give an update to my panic problems. May be helpful to someone with a similar situation.

    As stated above, the panics on my G4 were very unpredictable, and could not be replicated by any specific function by myself. I could go maybe a couple days at best at a time without one, then have a couple in one day. The only thing I noticed was Entourage was up, with auto send/recieve on. Disk Utilities and Diskwarrior would find/fix problems, but would never get rid of the panics.

    Through my research online, I found that it could be a keychain issue. The forum I found listed "Apple Keychain First Aid" as a fix.


    I ran this program on Wednesday of last week. My computer has been running now 24/7 with no panics (KNOCK ON WOOD)! Since I've always used Entourage since I bought the comp in March, and it is so nice to have a bug-free computer.

    Hopefully I didn't jinx myself by writing this. Hope it helps someone, though.
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