Assigning F1-F12 to the dock

in macOS edited January 2014
Is there anyway to assign the Function keys to the dock so that each numbered key corresponds with the 1st item in the dock, 2nd item, 3rd...etc.

obviously you can have more than 12 items in the dock(I have about 20 currently), but many docks I've seen(myself included) people keep certain items on the left or right hand side, like system prefs, network utils, stickies, mail, AIM.

it would be really neat if I could just hit F4 and open whatever was the 4th item in the dock, it would be very useful for me.

so is there anyway to do this? I'm thinking applescripts maybe, or 3rd party apps. I rememeber in os 9 I had my Function keys set up to open different applications, but that's not quite what I'm looking for.
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