Whats going on.. Photoshop/Illustrator wont load

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I just tried to Launch photoshop and Illustrator and they both won't load. Photoshop stops launching as it says" Finding Color Profiles". Illustrator doesnt even bring up a loading welcome screen. I have trashed the preferences and still no help. This same thing happened 2 months ago. I had to reformat my HD to get it to work again. Any other simpler ideas? Corrupt font? Anything would be helpful.Thanks.



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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    what OS are you running?
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    1. Repair permissions with Disk Utility. You should do that every time you install anything with VISE installers.

    2. Make sure ImageReady doesn't launch either.

    3. Trash every AdobeFntXX.lst file in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/ in Fonts and TypeSpt folders.

    4. Move all the fonts out of ~/Library/Fonts and try again.

    5. Open Console and check the last page for any lines containing "Adobe". There may be some with a plain English explanation.

    6. If all else fails, you have to wait for somebody in the know to reply to your thread in Adobe Support forums.
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    Moving to Genius Bar.
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    I know this sounds crazy, but it fixed my problem when Illustrator wouldn't launch. (We could have different problems though...)

    I'm on my OS 9 computer at home, not my OS X cpmouter at work, so forgive me if I get some words wrong, I'm doing this from memory...

    Go to your System Preferences.

    Open the International? pane.

    Rearrange the last two languages.

    I think you may have to restart.

    I'll check to see if this is right when I get to work. The only part I'm not sure about is which pane it is, but as far as i can remember, it's the only one that gives you a list of languages.

    Good luck.

    [Note: I checked, and these directions are correct.]
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    I have been running PhotoShop under OS X since it came out and I have never had it crash but under OS 9 it crashes often. I am guessing that you are running OS 9.

    At my company (a large printing company) we are running OS 9.2 and we have the exact same problem with PhotoShop almost daily. What always works for us is to go to the System/Perferences/PhotoShop Folder and delete the actual file named PhotoShop Perferences (the others can be left alone). I am guessing that you can do this to fix Illustrator too. The only thing about this is it loses your PhotoShop color settings which are easily reloaded.
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