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In January I started this thread in which I described some Think Different posters that were worth a fair amount of money. I couldn't believe what people were willing to pay for them. I ended up selling my Einstein poster for $250, but I kept the other 2 to let them appreciate.

As luck would have it, I have another Apple item that's woth a fair chunk of change. It's a book titled, AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group . I was checking sites for the price of my 2 remaining posters, when I noticed that RedLightRunner has the book listed as a collectable worth $300.

I picked the book up new years ago for about $35 or so. It's been on a shelf in my office accumulating value apparently. Amazon has two used copies listed currently, starting at $220 and going up to $300.

I don't know how in the hell I keep on getting lucky like this. It's like Antiques Roadshow for nerds I tell ya. I'm not an avid collector by any means, just someone who is interested in Apple and picks things up once in a while. Who are these people who are willing to pay $300 for a book like this? I've thought about selling it, it would pay for an iPod outright.

Any one else here have any stories like this? You know, like finding an Apple I in an trunk or something?


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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    Bizarre. Good thing I got my copy when it was still in print.
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    Wow, that's a nice surprise...too bad I have a habit of signing by books so nobody takes them. I wonder if that would hurt its value.

    The book has some amazing pictures, but the editorials absolutely suck.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Holy crap. I have the first four *sets* of posters, all but the Feynman still in their tubes, and the AppleDesign book.

    I'm either sitting on a gold mine, or a serious, serious Apple geek.

    Maybe both.
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