Academic Discount for Panther?

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I noticed that Jaguar is only 69.00 in the educatoinal store. Will it be the same with Panther also?


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    I hope the Academic Discounts do still come into play for 10.3 and beyond. It's such a convenience!

    I live in Australia, and it usually costs A$229, but this the discount, it becomes A$174.90.

    It's nice. m.
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    I forgot about this when Jaguar came out because I was at the store in Buffalo for the 'Jaguar Party'. I'm definitely remembering this for Panther...
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    Originally posted by CGillio

    I noticed that Jaguar is only 69.00 in the educatoinal store. Will it be the same with Panther also?

    I hope it'll be available for free here, as was the case with all versions so far.
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    They basically have to make it 70 bucks. I'm sorry, but ALL college networks have means for downloading this software. If it wasn't 70 dollars, I hate to say it, but I don't think I could really afford it (somehow I like to pay for food more than I like to pay for software...maybe why I use freeware and MS stuff through Academic Alliance).

    Honnestly, Apple should start up the same kind of program as Academic Alliance. Free software for students paid by the institution. The only people running cracked versions of software on this campus are the ones STUPID enough not to get a free LEGAL copy of it. If apple started up a program like this for schools, I'm nearly positive that there would be a much higher adoption of mac's on campuses.

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    I agree. I just got MS Office:mac for free from my school. Last year I got two (yes, two) 802.11b cards for free. But I don't want Office for free, I already had a somewhat shady but still legal copy of Office for myself. I want Panther for free! And, sad to say, I'll probably end up getting it for free instead of paying because it's so easy. I think I've made enough contributoins to Apple's coffers in the past year and a half. Really, of all companies, Apple and Ambrosia Software are the two I'm most inclined to pay for their software, but I am not made of money.

    EDIT: Maybe I can get one of my teachers to get Panther for free. If they're not a Mac user, I might be able to pay them a minimal "service charge" for their trouble.
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