Printing to a Shared Printer causes apps to "Unexpectedly Quit"

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Well the title of this thread pretty much sums this one up, any clues? Edit: Running 10.2.6 with 768 MB of RAM on a Ti867; shared printer is a G4 Tower running same, plus both are using Airport


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    This doesn't help but I had a problem like that with printing to PDF. I was using it one day, took a break, went back to work and poof apps would quit. I don't know what solved it. Maybe a restart?
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    Well I think the problem may actually lie with HP's drivers. It's a hunch I have at this point.

    Here's what I did:

    * Tried "Print Center Repair" (suggested on another forum, available at; didn't work.

    * Installed update to printer software (suggested by HP); didn't work.

    * Reinstalled Mac OS X 10.2.6 update; didn't work.

    Other printers in my Print Center let me get to the screen to print; the Shared 812C printer quits the apps you're trying to print from. I'm contemplating moving the known working drivers from my G4 tower to the same spot on this computer to see if it resolves the issue.
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    HP sucks.

    The new drivers I installed when setting up new HP 6127 deskjets at work must have caused this problem. On my other Mac here at the house, which runs flawlessly (knock on wood), I file shared the HP drivers from that computer over, and I just printed without the app crashing. Chalk one up for HP causing a nice instability problem.
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    Same problem just happened today.
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