Question About OS X Firewall....

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Just out of idle curiosity...

I have Brickhouse to configure my firewall, and basically just use the defaults (i.e. block all incoming, allow all outgoing). When I use Brickhouse, I find that when I check for open ports (using for example), everything comes back stealthed. However, when I just use the button in the Sharing Pref Pane, the scan indicates some unstealthed ports. Why the difference?

P.S. Wasn't sure if this was Genius Bar or not...


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Which ports are not stealth? Do you have any services turned on?
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    Nope, no services at all.

    Usually its port 139 that shows as unstealth, and I know thats the one used for file sharing with Windows machines. Occasionally others too (and usually they're UDP ports).

    Maybe its nothing, but if I have no services on and the firewall activated shouldn't every port be stealthed? I guess I just don't see why Brickwall has to be used to get this effect. I know I'm probably just being picky, but I was just wondering.
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