What DV cam offers best image quality/price?

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I'm going to the UK this summer for study abroad. Its for multimedia journalism...so I need to get a pretty decent DV camera. I already have a Canon digital elph for stills.

I'm looking for something cheaper that has decent image quality. I was looking at the Sony DCR-TR22 and some of the canon ZR's- usually I'm not happy with the image quality from most consumer DV cams. One of my friends just got a JVC and the image sucks big time.

I was looking for something under $800 I guess...I don't like washed out color mostly. I'm going to be editing in Final Cut Express so I know I can use that to fix color saturation and maybe make it look like it was shot with a 3CCD camera...I don't care if the camera is new either- just as long as it works.

Please help.




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    I have a Connon ZR40 ... for the price, I am quite pleased with it. A tripod REALLY helps though !
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    I have owned the Sony DCR-TRV900 for about 5 years now. This is a great 3CCD camera. The new model is the Sony DCR-TRV950 and it is even better.

    But the cost of this camera ($1399 - $1999) is not for most. So if I were you I would look at the Canon ZR70MC. It runs from about $400 to $600.

    This is the camera that 3 of my friends and my brother all own and they all are editing video with Final Cut or iMovie except for one who is using a PC (I haven't been able to get him to switch yet, but he is tempted).

    For the price/performance it is hard to beat the Canon ZR70MC.

    To get the image quality with the features on a comparable Sony you will be paying at least $200 to $300 more.

    The other one to look at on the higher price side is the newer Canon Optura Xi. I haven't got to play with this much one yet but it looks to be a good camera that falls between the ZR70MC and the Sony DCR-TRV950. It runs from about $1000 to $1500.

    But, if your budget allows for a bit more the Sony DCR-TRV950 is a great camera. Beyond that then you are looking at the new HD handheld cameras that run about $3000+

    Hope this helps.

    - G in the S
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    Panasonic GS-70--Review 1, Review 2: 3CCD, tape top loader. Can be found in the $700-$800 range online. Circuit City carries this if you wish to take a look at it (though they sell it for $899).

    ZR-75s are nice, too: hotshoe for the Canon VL-3 light. I used one as a supplemental camera for a friend's wedding (except you can't turn off the illuminated buttons--grrrrrrr).
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