Tapwave Zodiac

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Sorry if this has been discussed before... but has anybody seen this yet? link

Unfortunately, it does not have Mac OS support... which is a shame b/c I believe some of the employees are ex-Apple and ex-Palm.

How do you think it will compare to the Sony PSP?

Also, apologies if this is in the wrong forum... I sort of thought it was Digital Hub worthy


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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    The device intrigues me. I'm a former Palm user. Why former? Because I bought a Sony-Ericsson T68m which has all the calendar/to-do list/address book functionality I required and it didn't look entirely silly clipped to my hip. So away went the Palm.

    And yet, I still once in a while get whimsical about certain applications that can't be had on a mobile phone (games included).

    The technology is ramping up and the convergence of PDA and mobile phones continues. Portable entertainment has been neglected or dismissed to GameBoy-type platforms. So the Zodiac reminds me of the "ultimate" device: a multimedia, wireless voice and data with a good and large screen that can most things short of having a laptop that fits in your pocket device.

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    Looks very cool and not as expensive as I thought (US$299).
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    Intrigues me too.

    sCreeD I like the way you have replaced the PDA with a phone - the devices are indeed converging! Currently, though, I have decided not to use a mobile phone. I have a phone card and that works.

    However, in terms of pining for a PDA - I do wish for one... but, I was also thinking that if the iPod got recording capabilities, then all you would need to do is talk to it: "Lunch tomorrow with Sue 1pm" and then perhaps use voice recognition to iCal the event or just later on - when you are home - enter the event/details into the Mac and then sync to the iPod.

    A bit of a workaround (I know), but this way Jobs can manage to "backdoor" into the PDA market with the iPod - despite Apple procaliming they have no intentions of entering the PDA market directly. C'mon, we all know the iPod is going to become our digital portal to all our iApps one day!
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