Ram - How much should I get wid my new p.b.?

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do I go 1 stick of 1ghz ram, or 1 stick of 512, and get another later? Would I ever need 1 ghz ram?

I'm gonna do music on it (cubase sequencing shiznit) and then just photoshopping, dreamweaver etc.

Anyone? It's gonna be my first real computer purchase.



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    What model are you talking about? I'm assuming Alu15."

    My plan is to get the 1.25 15" with the stock two 256mb sticks for a total of 512mb of RAM. This keeps the costs down (Apple charges way too much for RAM upgrades) but maintains a RAM level that I think is suficient for OSX.

    When Crucial offers 1Gig sticks at reasonable prices, I'm going straight to 2Gigs.

    As always, the more RAM the better, and if money is no object to you then go wild and load 'er up through Apple. Just know you're literally throwing money away.
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