Using the SonyEricsson T616 as a bluetooth modem

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Can anyone go down the necessary list of network settings this phone requires? I can get the phone to dial, but then it hangs up. I'm on Cingular's network btw.


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    Well, since nobody has any knowledge about this yet I'll let you know that I found a discussion about this over on Apple's Discussion boards. There are a lot of settings to monkey around with, so this might take awhile to figure out.

    Notably, there don't seem to be any dedicated T616 scripts in the Bluetooth Modem portion of the Network Preferences control panel.

    Then the phone itself has a bunch of settings that may (or may not) be important to set up....
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    I just got this working. The actual settings on the computer are easy. Just select Ericsson T39 14.4 as the modem script. Turn off error correction and compression and waiting for the dial tone. Then,s you can just enter your isp settings. The hardest part is getting the phone to dial out which is the problem you have. I called cingular and had them enable it on my phone. It was free. That should let you dial instead of hanging up right away.

    It isn't that great though. Maximum speeds is about 1KByte/sec which is barely useable.
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    I have not personally signed up for a data service, but then, shouldn't it be MY call as to whether I want to use my voice line as a data line? How can a provider BLOCK me from using the phone in that manner?

    Just curious!
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    If you use your own ISP, it goes down as a voice call and counts on your minutes. Some services like AT&T don't allow this. Cingular does if you call and ask them to enable it. Then, you don't need a data plan.
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