registering a domain name

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what's the cheapest way to register a domain name?

also, do you guys know of any cheap/good web hosting plans?

thanks in advance!


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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member

    Not sure if the package includes a domain name.
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    I use DirectNIC for my domain... 15 dollars per year. Also, I use HostOnce for my hosting. I signed up when they were offering it for 5 dollars per month w/unlimited space and bandwidth. Also supports php and mysql and all. Unfortunately, they now only offer 500 megs w/25 gigs of transfer per month and it is something like 6.95 a month. (Also it is a Windows server) May I suggest Hostrocket. I have not used them, but everything I hear about them is great. You get it hosted on Redhat 7.3 and it is 9.95 per month if you pay for 2 yrs. (Also includes a domain name, but I suggest doing that seperately....) If you want to try them out you can do 1 month for 14.95. Also allows unlimited pop boxes and mysql database and php. Supports 1gb of storage space and 50gigs/month transfer.... Anyways, those are my ideas. Hope they help.
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