Self-Taught Astronomer correctly _predicts_ Tokyo Earthquake

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So I came across this AP wire story last week with passing curiousity...

wondering if "predicting earthquakes" would be solved by an unknown, hereafter naming the process.


TOKYO (AP) _ A Japanese researcher is causing a stir in Tokyo with a prediction based on his study of radio waves that a major destructive earthquake is highly likely to hit the city this week.

Yoshio Kushida, a well-known self-taught astronomer who runs his own observatory just outside Tokyo, published on its Internet site his prediction that a quake with a magnitude of 7 or greater was likely to strike the metropolitan area on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The prediction was soon picked up by a popular weekly magazine and a major daily. It has since been spread by word of mouth, prompting some of the more nervous residents of Japan's quake-prone capital to stock up on bottled water, candles and other disaster preparations.

``It's quite frightening,'' said Ichiro Makita, 48, a company employee who said he had heard about the prediction from a friend. ``I'm trying to avoid old buildings and have stocked up on emergency supplies like an emergency radio and lamp.''

The earthquake research establishment has largely ignored the warning.

Forecasting quakes is generally considered to be impossible with current technology, and Kushida's method of using anomalies in the VHF range of radio waves to predict the timing and intensity of tremors has not gained many believers in the scientific community

then today CNN reports Tokyo Quake

Kushida-saaaan! Dude! Bet that phone is ringing now.

Not perfect (5.5 is nowhere near 7), but if you can predict another quake, prep your award speech.


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    Uh, coincidence maybe? Let's see some pattern first.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member

    His theory: as pressure builds in the Earth's crust before an earthquake, tiny cracks and magma movements can affect charged particles in the atmosphere, and the resulting electromagnetic changes can be picked up by radio receivers.

    Spooky action at a distance?
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    CNN reports magnitude +7.8 Quake off Hokkaido (Sep 25)

    two thumpers inside 10 days,

    one in the place he predicted,

    the other of the magnitude he predicted.

    perhaps coincidence,

    perhaps spooky interaction,

    perhaps none of the above.

    makes it a bit more interesting, though.

    *watches the ocean after today's resulting Tsunami warning on BC Coast*
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