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I made a short movie in iMovie, and unfortunately after I had finished it (I thought), and transferred it back to videotape (digital 8 ), I found sections of it was very choppy. At the time I guess I just thought it was processor- or cpu-related, and the actual video file would be OK.

I know I need to go back and reimport the scenes to fix it, but my question is, what caused it? I don't think I had a load on my machine when I was working before. Maybe the transfer from the firewire drive? I seem to remember working off my internal 5400RPM drive earlier (when I didn't have any problems like this).

Here's my hardware:

Pismo PB 400 w/ 640M memory

7200RPM FW HD used for video storage/xfr

My PB has a 5400RPM internal, which I'm not using for this particular project.

10.2.6, iMovie is current.



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    I suspect the "chop" was caused by the external hard drive. I'm using a 500MHz G3 Pismo. When I play huge MP3 files on my Pismo they sound fine from the internal HD, but if the files are on the external Firewire drive (7200rpm) I occassionally get "chop" in the MP3 file.

    I'm not sure if this is caused by a limit in Firewire transfer speed or a limit in the processor.

    I'm planning to upgrade to a 900MHz G3 (PowerPC 750FX) from Powerlogix early next year ... but by then they might also be offering the new 1.1GHz G3 (PowerPC 750GX) for the Pismo.
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    Thanks for the info. I suspected that it was the external drive, but since it has been recommended to use an external FW drive rather than a 4200 RPM drive, I was unsure (my pismo has a 5400).

    I have a 15" Albook coming this week, so it will at least be a different issue (though perhaps not a non-issue). The new powerbook has a 80G HD, so I should be able to make movies off the internal, and then xfr the finished product to the FW drive.
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    As a follow up: I copied my project back to my internal HD, opened there, and the choppiness is gone. I think now if I import it back to my camera it should be OK.

    Of course, I found a couple more things to fix.
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