iPod Accessory idea (PDA/Tablet)

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OK, the iPod need not be a PDA in and of itself, nor a cell phone. But, with the new connector for the dock I think a new line of accessories could or should be created.

I'd like to add that Apple could make these with little downside, that is, without tarnishing the image of the iPod as long as they're marketed separately. Or if Apple would just open up the iPod for third party software (and innovation) a different company could also make them instead.

I imagine the new iPod slipping into different sized shells to create a PocketPC sized device, a Newton sized device and/or a TablePC sized device. Each one would be mostly a touch screen with some battery. Hopefully no new processor would be needed to keep costs down, but if it is so be it. The iPod would snap inside and be the storage. A little bit of software to interact with the current lineup of things on the device rather than leaving it static.

This could be the VideoPod people want. It could also be a PDA and even run the Palm OS for all I care. If not, then perhaps a dedicated OS. It's also the TablePC couch potatoes want so they can browse the web while they watch TV or sit in bed.

I got this idea because I've started to use the iPod calendar function, but without input it's a bit less useful than it should be. I also use the contacts and this too is limiting. I've never really wanted a Palm, but I do want to extend the abilities of my iPod. I also believe others want even more than I do, so these devices popped into my head. Mostly overkill for me, but a market exists.

What's the cost of a screen, battery and shell? Could this shell run off of the processors in the iPod, or would it have to just rely on its own processor and just use the iPod as storage?

In my opinion, this doesn't interfere with what the iPod is now. That's a huge plus. Making a whole new category of product could end up like another Cube while being just an accessory it can just fade away to those that aren't interested. This kind of sneaks into a potentially profitable market with little risk.


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    What, are you all chicken?

    Come on now, a cheap Palm costs like $99, right? How much would just the screen and battery cost a manufacturer? Apple charges the same $99 for the same screen and battery just to extend the functionality of the iPod but makes a profit because this device doesn't have its own storage, CPU or audio connector. Apple's cost is low, price is equal, revenue is high[er].

    Should be doable.

    How much is a Pocket PC? $200? $300? Apple uses the same screen (maybe bigger) & battery, leeches off of the iPod for CPU & Storage, charges some cash and makes a bigger profit.

    Snap your iPod into one of these things and you have a new machine. iPod is still separate but the device is now improved.
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    I'd buy an Apple Palm-based PDA in a heartbeat. Already have an iPod coming... so I love this idea!
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    Originally posted by Nick DTM

    I'd buy an Apple Palm-based PDA in a heartbeat. Already have an iPod coming... so I love this idea!

    I guess one out of 12, 753 ain't bad...
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