Word X keeps crashing.

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Okay, me big mac geek. Me fix any problem. Me have no clue....

Word has started to crash, "The application xxx has unexpectedly quit etc"

What steps would you even start to trouble shoot this? I relaunch, type a few sentances and then quack, crash again.

Just getting to be a pest so I thought I'd ask around. Did they patch it or something?


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    There is a 10.1.5 patch, but it requires a 10.1.4 patch, which requires a 10.1.2 patch installed. Typical Microsoft. But I could be wrong, check their website.

    The 10.1.5 does make it work better and a bit faster.

    Also, make sure the entire Office folder is setup for Read/Write access, otherwise some things don't behave as expected (like templates).
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    THANKS JimDreamworx, I'll give that a try. (runs to DL the patches at work so I don't have to at home....)
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    Follow up. I'm using tables a lot and when I delete them they crash..



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