iMac CRT - Hard Drive Issues

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I just installed a new 100 gig Hard Drive into my snow iMac. It works just fine but when I put the computer in sleep mode, I keep hearing very loud clicks and the power button flickers whenever there's a click. Does anyone know what's going on, or how to fix this?

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    get a long stick and use it to pull the plug ... then get everyone out of the house ... go to the nieghbors and call the police ... tell them to send the bomb squad !
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    The loud clicks... sounds like the HD spinning down.

    The power light sounds strange. Have you checked the power requirements of this new HD compared to the old one (ie. how many milliamps it draws)?
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    pbg3pbg3 Posts: 211member
    Thanks for the sounds like the HD is trying to spin down but it can't...any other ideas?
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    pbg3pbg3 Posts: 211member
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    What brand is your drive?

    Some drives (used to) come with a jumper setting to disable spindown, but that may have just been SCSI.
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