12" Powerbook repair woes, advice? (this is long)

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How can I get Apple to give in and give me a new Powerbook? I got a 12" aluminum lemon that was a minor problem from day one and then got progressively worse. Out of the box it booted up and went to get the latest OS updates from software update panel and clicked to download them, low and behold A KERNEL PANIC... 5 minutes from booting the thing up for the first time. I thought no biggie, restarted it, updated and it was alright till about a week later when it was too late to bring it back to the apple store for a refund of course. About the 9th day of owning it I was getting random freezes and or kernel panics. Sometimes 4, 5 times a day. I wouldn't even have to use the machine, I could go to work and come back and there was a kernel panic on screen.

So I call Apple and tell them I'm getting this problem and they told me to run the hardware test CD and everything came out fine and they told me try making another user name and call back if you get the same problem. Sure enough next day the same thing so I thought what the heck, let me do a clean install of OS X. Did that and still the panics and freezes. I call them up and they tell me sounds like a harddrive problem so send it in. I get it back 3 days later and the repair support says all they did was re-install OS X like I DID! I thought "What kinda jackasses do they have working there?" So I started up the machine knowing it would eventually mess up. I run the software update control panel and then restart and I get to the OS X boot screen and it freezes on "waiting for application support" or something similar to that.

I call them back and ask what exactly they repaired and they of course said they re-installed the OS and thats it. They say according to the techs, they booted the powerbook off a firewire HD and the problems went away! They say its more than likely a harddrive problem (again) and to send it back in. My thought were "why didn't they do that the first time?" and they said they should have but they probably didn't read the notes.

My original time I sent it in was the 10th of sept, this was on the 15th of september and I asked "When do you think they could have it back to me?" He said its possible it could be back that friday but more than likely monday the 22nd, which is today. I did not get my powerbook of course, I call up the repair status line and they tell me they tested the harddrive and it's ok and cant figure out exactly what it is so its on engineering hold but they think its a software problem.... They then tell me they really have no idea when I'll get it back could be a few days, could be longer.......

So here it is almost 2 weeks since they originally got it the first time and still no solution, so I'm forced to write this on my brother's pc laptop. I discussed with them about a replacement and they say their policy is they can't even discuss that until it's been repaired 3 times. So I think to myself "of course, now on the 2nd repair time they're holding it as long as possible so there is no 3rd time" But this is at my expense... I cant do my ebay stuff, I cant do my banking, my credit card payments, etc. It's a pain having to go to my mother's house to use a computer...

Has anyone had a similar experience with Apple and gotten their machine replaced? Because it's coming up on 2 weeks without my powerbook and I'm sure a refund is out of the question (how dare I ask for that?) and I'm to the point to where the powerbook annoys me, I almost don't want it anymore for all I've had to go through... It's making me question Apple's quality after all these years....

Any ideas, comments?




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    Casey I understand how you feel. I have serveral Macs and decided to buy a portable about 8 months ago. I purchased an ibook 800 combo (not nearly as expensive as a PB) and the logic board went out after 2 months of use. So I sent my ibook in and when they returned it it had a 700 mhz processor in it with a 32mb video RAM (no such creature ever came from apple?!?!?) So after getting the book back I called apple and spent 2 hours on the phone trying to explain to them "Look at my original invoice, I bought and paid for an 800 mhz iBook"....."Ya'll sent me back a slower, albeit it works, iBook"......."Can I please have the original processor speed I paid for"? Well to make a long story short they never sent me a box to return it to them and last week the logic board went out AGAIN. This time they finally sent me a box and put the right processor in my machine. I bet it goes out in four months. Guess I better hurry up and purchace Apple Care.

    I really hope that you get your PB working correctly. Do you still have it under warranty? If so I would highly recommend you buy AppleCare. Although it can be a pain to deal with them, its worth it in the long run. I'm sure they will fix it.....they just like to work in "Apple Time" sometimes. Hang in there!!

    PS... If/when you get it back fixed. I would be more than happy to trade you an almost new/ updated logic board slightly scratched ibook for it.
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    Yeah, its still under warranty.. I haven't even had it a month yet! Thats the thing. I was going to buy AppleCare when I got the machine but just my luck, YOU CAN'T buy AppleCare in Florida!! It's a load of crap...
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    Yeah, its still under warranty.. I haven't even had it a month yet! Thats the thing. I was going to buy AppleCare when I got the machine but just my luck, YOU CAN'T buy AppleCare in Florida!! It's a load of crap...
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    the state prohibits buying applecare?

    i was going to suggest you talk them into getting you a free and/or discounted applecare for your trouble. it would cost them nothing if they do the repair right, but would save you if they didn't.

    nice compromise.


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    Yeah, supposedly the attorney general of Florida made a huge fuss because Applecare is seen as insurance under California law and Apple is not an insurance company, therefore Apple shouldn't be able to sell AppleCare. It's retarded. The only way to get around the law is to have a relative of the last name who lives in a different state buy it and then send it to you. The law sees that as "you just moved". That's what Apple told me anyways....

    Sucks cause I don't have relatives of the same last name in other states. Sigh..........
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