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I have a friend that is buying a new Power Mac G4, upgrading from her previous G4. All of the files need to be moved, as well as a couple of programs. Adobe Illustrator (an older version) is installed on the old G4, and the original CD has been lost.

Can I just take the hard drive from the old G4 and put it into the new G4 and transfer everything to the new system? What about Illustrator? We want to buy the upgrade version of Illustrator so the current version will be installed.

How can this be done?

Thanks in advance.


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    The hard drive can be plugged into the computer (or target disked) or you can setup Appletalk and plug in a crossover cable to connect the two. The issue is Illustrator. It probably won't like being moved and will ask for the original CD for some missing files. If you are in X you will probably never find the files. If you were in classic you might have a hope if you had a mac warrior with you to do some funky searching and moving.

    My advice? Do the file swap but fresh install all programs. Get the serial number from your copy and call Adobe. Pay the $20 for the replacement and add the upgrade to your order. If your serial is legit you should have no problem.

    Good luck!
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    We don't want to actually use the older version anymore, just to get the Illustrator 10 upgrade to work.

    Can I just drag the Illustrator folder over to the new HD, and run the install program?

    I assume files created in older versions of Illustrator can be read by newer versions...
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    I'd *try* that first and see if the program will run on the new computer, then upgrade it. If the upgrade version will install straight aways...then go with that.

    The files themselves (we are talking about your documents here, not the application) will work just fine in any version.
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