Was your G5 shipped FedEx Ground?

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Mine was, it's taking a full 6 days to get to NY from CA. I was hoping Apple would have used UPS for ground shipping.

I just hope it's in good shape when it arrives, alot can happen in 6 days!

Unfortunately I wasn't one of those who Apple decided to upgrade to express shipping gratis.


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    qaziiqazii Posts: 305member
    Yup. Should get here tomorrow (shipped the 17th).

    Apple did upgrade my shipping (back in June or July) but shortly changed it back to bestway.
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    Mine was shipped UPS ground but I am in california so it should not take very long. Apple did upgrade me to 2nd Day but it was still shipped ground.
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    well it is heavy
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    Originally posted by Ti Fighter

    well it is heavy

    58 lbs....which means almost 20lbs for the packaging.
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