How long was it till the PB got a G4?

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows. How long was it between the time that the G4 tower came out and the G4 PB was released? We should assume that it will take about as long till we get G5 PB's.


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    The original PCI graphics G4 PowerMac came out in September of 1999. The first G4 PowerBook was introduced in January of 2001, so about 16 months between introductions. If Apple operates on the same time frame then one can assume an introductiom somewhere between October and December of next year (depending if you add the 16 months from the June into or the late August ship date).
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    Here's something that I like to tell people about:

    It's a great little app, and comes in REALLY handy when you're wondering about stuff like this (when a model was released or discontinued, the history of a particular Mac, the specs, etc.).

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