ten_thousand_in_three_months ?

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long time listener, first time caller.

Read all about my sad sad story at


Someone stole my beautiful PowerBook 12"

I lost my job at the Apple Store in the city

Now i've set myself the ludicrous target of saving ten grand in 12 weeks. Reckon i can do it? Read my daily blog and find out. Better yet, send me emails with advice on how to generate some moolah!

Thanks for listening


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    right off the bat I'd like to suggest that you engage in simple arts and crafts projects and sell the results on eBay, they don't have to be pretty, they will sell for something the more elaborate or big, the more cash you'll likely get.

    just an idea.
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member
    So how come you lost your job anyway ?

    Tell us the story...which City ....BTW ?
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    yevgenyyevgeny Posts: 1,148member
    Here's some ideas:

    Get a job- the tried and true way to make money

    P2P squealer/bounty hunter- betray all the people you know who are ripping off RIAA

    Drug dealer- requires some initial investment

    Blood donor- if you have a rare blood type, give lots of blood

    Debase yourself on the internet- hey it's all for a buck, so what's the big deal

    Post ads on your blog and then hit all the Apple forums so that you get people to visit your site- you're almost there!
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    I heard something about $10,000 for donating 1 testicle in Florida, but it was probably drunk talk.
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    hmmm i've got two....

    who needs the other one anyway?

    and excellent ideas Yevgeny, however in australia we don't get paid for giving blood- it's all out of the goodness of our hearts..
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