iSing: iTunes Karoke ???

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I wonder if there's some way to add a +G extension to MP3/AAC files. No of that cheesy DVD-video background, just a blue screen with lyrics that sync to the music.

Mebbe I've been hanging out with too many Japanese students, or it's my inner loung singer coming out, but I think this would be a cool addition.

For example, the couple of weeks ago I DJ'd a party with my PB. Well, not really DJ'd, I just made a huge playlist and ran a stereo RCA splitter from the PB, out the screen door, to a stereo playing outdoors on the rear deck.

Last week, we ended up in a lounge on Karoke night. I thought, I haven't had enough alcohol to sing in front of these people, but this coulda been a good thing to have on the PB at last week's BBQ.

A really good format would have 4 channels. L and R stereo (compressed) and a virtual 3/4 channel. Channel 3 would carry vocals and play out through left and right (by default) as if you were listening to a regular MP3 file. Channel 4, would carry the +G component and toggle on and off with 3 in your iTunes player. I think AAC handles multiple channels (or can). Presto, you have an "AAC+G" format where you get the real song and a sing along version for your money. I can think of a number of songs that I already have that I would buy in such a format since I there's really no easy way to "rip" to such a format, it would require studio encodings of each track to enable the karoke feature (since the vocals have to go on a third channel)

Whaddaya'll think?


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    I think it's a terrible, terrible idea.
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    i dont think its such a terrible idea, but i dont think theres a big enough market for it. and i alos dont think there are any common formats for compressed music files, with voices kept on a separate track, and with lyrics. i'm sure there's something (since there exist some karaoke machines now), but i get the feeling that it isn't standardized, and furthermore isn't common on computers. apple would have to be cautious to not use something unpopular (like a hack on aac files), because if the idea does pickup, competitors may end up using different formats.
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    I think you definitely should have had more alcohol.
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