Finally, a real reason to renew .Mac

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For me anyway, a free VersionTracker Plus membership, or half off the Pro version. Nice to see something other than those silly little games.


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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    I would much rather see Apple lower the price on .Mac than give away all these "freebies" that I don't need. (The "freebies" are not free, you pay $100 for them.)

    Of course, being the sucker that I am, I'll probably renew in October anyway. \

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    Well, I got excited and went to download. Everything went fine until I "installed" Versiontracker Pro. Then I got the following:

    This installation ree4quires a System folder on the destination drive. The installation has been cancelled. Error 1008:1,-43 File Not Found"

    Clicken OK and got:

    "No installation was necessary. the files to be installed are already on your disk, or are not needed for your hareware steup. if you are finished, click quit to leave the installer ..."

    So, what did I do wrong?
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    haven't taken advantage of the versiontracker offer yet (remember, it's the PLUS version that's FREE, NOT PRO), but isn't the versiontracker plus all web-based, with the only advantages being no ads all over the place, direct downloads, and customized watch screens? in other words, versiontracker PLUS is just a combination of what versiontracker USED TO BE along with what IS RIGHT NOW.

    quick rant: i had a few choice words i shared with the gang at macfixit this past spring when they hit me up to renew, but their services had gone in the sh!tter once they merged with versiontracker and went subscription up-sell on us. i realize that bandwidth costs money, but considering how badly they left the free services to languish and be impenetrable with ads, i have a hard time giving them money for anything. thankfully, i did notice the daily articles get better once i sent my complaint. i have no idea if that had any effect, though. plus, at least ted landau is going to come back as a regular editor.

    getting back to .mac, the free dropstuff was good, as that was really the only reason i ever bought stuffit deluxe in the first place. the color prints from iphoto were worth $50 easy, and turned out very nice from my xmas and wedding pix.

    the games are okay, too. mind you, they are giving away the sims or everquest free with renewal -- so don't say they ONLY give away little innocuous puzzle games.

    backup 2 is finally starting to resemble what backup 1 should have been (though it is insane to require an internet connection to use it... what if i am away from an internet connection? or did they fix that oversight and i haven't noticed?)

    virex crashes often if you mess with the default installed fonts on your computer (necessary in a studio production environment). it also won;t scan anything but the home directory at startup, which is retarded. let me scan anyplace i want at startup, including ther partitions where i keep my internet downloads. makes sense, but somehow they have not clued into this. i refuse to give symantec money for anitvirus until the stop using .kext's to do simple viral scans and removal. mcaffee and apple really need to work harder on that product.

    stickybrain is cool in functionality, but i godd@mn HATE the user interface. chronos has always made great apps that make my eyes bleed.

    i suppose the free online training is helpful to some -- provided you have fat bandwidth.

    did anyone ever get the first free game they offered? wasn't it alchemy? or was it bejeweled? if so, i missed getting it before they pulled it, and my wife would like it. i also missed out on the free freeverse games. i guess i could just pay for them, but money is in short supply these days. anyone know if it's still possible to get for free, or am i SOL?

    anyway, i renewed. it has served the initial $50 fee i paid EASILY. now i just hope that the next 365 days justify the $99 i just paid (though i am getting a $20 coupon from the apple store for renewing, and since i was already planning on getting an isight, that is very helpful).
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