Welhelmeina "Minnie" Debrick passes

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A sad day. She lived until 100, she wasn't a celebrity, but I'd bet anything that she led a more meaningful life and had a more positive impact on the world than any of them.


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    All celebrities are superficial fakes who clearly aren't positive influences on anybody.

    John Ritter made me laugh. That's a positive impact on me. Johnny Cash made music people liked. That's a positive impact on a whole boatload of people if not me. Same goes for all sorts of celebrities who've passed recently. Bob Hope, Mr. Rogers, Gregory Hines, Charles Bronson, James Coburn etc.

    Doesn't matter how much they've "lived" or how "normal" they were. It doesn't matter if they typically knitted on a front porch somewhere or drove down the PCH in a nice sports car for fun.

    Debrick's effects on my life I will probably never realize, so in that vein, she has had no effect on my particular being.
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    I like celebrities. I see them on the Teevee box.
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    At least the Kansas City Star could have expounded a little more of what her "Life Story" was.

    Who the hell ws she? I'm thinking she was just a naggy old hag that wouldn't let me cross through her back yard...

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