skips on iTunes importing ?

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hey all -

i don't check this forum much, so i apologize in advance if this has been talked about before. about 3 months ago i upgraded to a bigger HD in my powerbook g3 and imported all my music in itunes. it has been fantastic, except i've had some tracks (~40 so far) with skips and gaps in them. these are cd's that never skipped in any cd player, and don't appear to have any scratches. i've had skips whether i import through itunes or copy the AIFFs directly off the cd in the finder.

anyone else experience this ? is this a cd drive problem (admittedly my pismo cd-rw drive doesn't feel as rock-solid as the new 'book cd drives), or am i going to have to replace these cd's just to get the tracks onto my computer ?

thanks for the help -



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    On a sidenote does anyone use "cd paranoia" in FireStarter FX? How does that work, and does it work?
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