FutileSearch for Eternal Youth

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Having attained a certain age and a cludgie's worth 'o concomitant wisdom I find mony o' life's mysteries unravelling and the answers tae a' the fundamental aspects o' existence, guid and evil and the universe, etc, crystallising afore my mind's eye. Thus it is that I can say withoot let or hinderance that the pursuit o' new and faster computers is nothing mare than the search for eternal youth. Indeed by substituting the shiny new chrome and plastic o' the G5, 6 or whitever for oor ain crumbling, wrinkly auld flesh we are denying oor ain motality and hoping tae live forever through oor computers. O' coorse this is nothing mare than chasing efter the wind and grasping at phantoms. Instead run the guid race and grow auld gracefully lest you - in your advanced age - fall prey tae the wolves and vultures o' the marketing industry plying you wi' snake oil and dangling the carrot o' eternal happiness afore your face.

Computers can never bring the happiness o' a guid book and slippers and cocoa in front o' the fire. Viz: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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