Backup power supply for G5

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I have a small backup power supply (APC 350) on my G3 that I would like to use for my G5. My G3 is about 300 watts, the new G5 is 700 watts, and I just checked and the battery backup says 212 watt max. I must not be using all 300 watts because the battery backup kicks in and everything works fine. Would that still happen with a G5 or would I melt my backup to a bead of glass and have to buy a bigger battery?



PS: If the battery is too small, I would still use it for surge protection.


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Most battery backups handle loads that are larger than what they are rated for. If the load is too large then the ups will either fail and you will get that annoying beep or the fuse will blow and everything will go dark. In my opinion you should get a new power supply for your new unit. Of course the ups will be louder than the computer.

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    The biggest deal will be when the power fails ... you will get no where near the advertised time to clean up and shut down ... if they advertised 10 minutes, you MIGHT get 5 ... as long as power is coming from the wall-outlet, the large load shouldn't really matter.
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