Kernal Panic Solutions?

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what are some good solutions to severe kernal panic problems? the new G5 is having some issues. had one KP a while ago, and has since had trouble even booting w/o a kernal panic.

KP's in safe mode, and booting with command-s and running fsky-y has yielded nothing. the drives always says it's been modified, even after 10 consecutive tries.

so, why are some good suggestions i can try tonight when i get to work?

i'll bring my laptop so i can use target disk mode, but the G5 is unable to boot off of any of the cd's it shipped with, and for some reason i can't find the hardware test cd it was supposed to have anywhere.


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    well, turns out all the stuff i tried didn't matter anyway. whatever is wrong is serious, and it has been kicked up to the Apple Engineers. great.

    but i'm a first, so i guess i should be proud.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    i was getting lots of kernel panics a few days ago... turned out my scsi cd burner finally completely died after four strong years of use. every time the system would try to recognize it, or open folders on a cd in it, the system would either hang or panic mightily.

    obviously, mine was a unique situation with the scsi device probably causing some of the issues, but it's always a good idea to disconnect those peripherals, if you haven't already.
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