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I am currently a new mac owner with a lot of experience with macs, but only with apple monitors. I want to know if there is something better or reasonable on the market for a g4, other than apple. And what should I look for? I will be using Photoshop and other graphic applications.

I am also a poor college student. (with much emphasis on poor)


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    http://www.formac.com can be an alternative to apple if your looking for lcds
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    I have looked a formac, but I'm thinking a crt monitor might work better for me. I have discussed this with several people and one had a Sony crt that looked beautiful. But he didn't know much about it, and about anything else on the market.

    a couple of questions about LCDs... Is there a considerable difference, or is it just cooler to own a flatscreen? Isn't there a certain angle you have to view it by?
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    afaik LaCie and Apple are certifed for color soft proof
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    well I have a 21" Sony GDM crt at home, it's perfect, but it's huge. I just got an apple 20" cinema at work (where I do print/web/video) and i'll let you know how that compares tomorrow when my G5 gets there. Although, Leonis said that his Apple 20" is better than his Sony GDM. I got a 17" formac for my boss and it looked nice, but I didn't really test it out color wise. The apple has a 170 degree and the formac a 160 degree viewing angle. LCD's have come along way, the screen on my Ti 550 at work is horrible for color and viewing angles. Best thing to do, go to a store and chek em out.
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