Photoshop 7 Color Profile Warning

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I cannot find an option for turning off this cursed "color profile" warning dialog. I find it THE most annoying thing about Photoshop 7, and perhaps the most annoying thing I can remember in ANY version of Photoshop I've ever used (since v 4).

It pops up when you open an image from a scanner or a digital camera or other source that Photoshop sees an embedded color profile. There's currently no way to bypass this dialog, that has 3 options and you have to check one of them and click "OK" to continue opening the image.. if you open multiple images at the same time, you have to deal with this dialog for every image opening. If you're opening a large TIFF file and that has a color profile, you have to wait (at least I do on my dual G4 500 MHz) for each TIFF to open up slowly, then you get the dialog, then you can click it, then you wait, then you get a dialog.... you get the idea.. this is horrendous interface design at it's worst.

Someone out there if you know how to get rid of it, a hack, I'll even use ResEdit if I have to, it really gets in the way of my work.



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    Edit -> Color settings -> Color management policies:

    Profile Mismatches: Uncheck all

    Missing profiles: Uncheck all
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    Many thanks!! I don't know if you're using PS7 in OS9 or not, but in OSX the color management is found in the "Photoshop" menu (which does not exist in OS9) and not in the "Edit" menu, but I was able to find the necessary controls to disable this horrid monster!!

    Thanks again and have a great day!
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